Australian Partners


WAPCON is an Environmental Engineering Company, specialising in the provision of consultancy in Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste Management and Environmental Monitoring. WAPCON is a team of highly qualified engineers with wide range of professional experience.

• Water Quality Evaluation
• Demineralisers for boiler feed water
• Reverse Osmosis
• Side Stream Fitlers
• Chlorination
• Strategy Business Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Scheme
• Development of Strategies for Water Supply
• Risks and Reliability Studies
• Options Report and Concept Designs
• Corrosion Monitoring – water pipelines and equipment.
• Water Treatment Plant Design for public water supply and industrial uses
• Regulatory Compliance and Water Disinfection
• Power Supply and Instrumentation Control, PLC and SCADA System
• Operation and Investigation Services
• Process and Laboratory Audits
• Strategic Asset Management Plan
• Operators Training

  • Emergency water supply schemes to remote islands
    Assessment of existing water systems, evaluation of technologies for emergency water supply, development of specification, evaluation of systems and facilitate procurement of desal water systems.
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