Australian Partners

Water Futures Pty Ltd

Professional services firm with two professional staff. Specialising in the provision of independent technical consultancy services to the water sector, primarily related to water quality management.

  • WHO-WRPO WSP Dissemination
    Widespread DFAT-funded WHO training program on Water Safety Plans across the region. Over several years. Multiple missions. Philippines, Cambodia, China, Lao PDR and Vietnam.
  • Arsenic mitigation options project.
    Major DFID-funded program undertaking quantitative microbial and chemical risk assessment for the Arsenic Policy Support Unit for DFID and BUET in Bangladesh.
  • Good practice tropical water supply training.
    Small DFID-funded program providing training in tropical water safety management for Bangladeshi water professionals, including study tour to Australia.
  • Laboratory training in microbiology
    Program with Chinese CDC to train water labs in good practice microbiology, including lectures given in person in Nanjing and training videos shot in NZ.
  • Pakistan water management planning
    DFAT-funded project looking at water supply options for two Pakistani cities. Focusing on water quality aspects.
  • Developing multiple guidelines for WHO, incluiding climate change and water safety, ship sanitation, water safety plans and recreational water quality.
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