Australian Partners

Water Industry Alliance Inc

The Water Industry Alliance is an incorporated association in South Australia with around 150 companies, government departments and research organisations. The WIA executive specialises in leading groups of organisations to work together create business opportunities for companies and research organisations and to deliver outcomes for governments in response to state, national and international demands. A collaborative organisation that works to help the outcomes of South Australian and Australian companies in export through facilitation, leadership and relationship building.

WIA Executive Strengths: Leadership Facilitation Industry Knowledge WIA Membership Strengths: Advanced Irrigation Wastewater Treatment (especially regional and decentralised) Water Policy Development Water Quality Analysis and Management Managed Aquifer Recharge Predictive Analytics and Optimisation for smart water utilities

    Program development, business case and negotiation. Now administered by PIRSA –
  • WIA Export Working Groups
    Groups of companies either already exporting to key regions (initially India, China, ASEAN) regularly meeting to share knowledge and contacts and potentially partner in delivery.
  • OzWater Inbound Tours
    Host inbound groups from a range of nationalities to see demonstration sites in South Australia and provide business linkages
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