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Water Insites

Water_insites was created to partner with organisations to manage Water Sensitive Urban Design using insights from industry and research. We understand that the management of water provides a fundamental underpinning of people’s lives, whether this is in a highly functional urban environment, or in developing countries around the world. Our aim is to bring the latest learnings and technology including GIS, in-situ monitoring and data analysis to ensure stormwater assets can be highly functional and cost effective for asset owners

  • Research Paper: Modelling the washoff of pollutants in various forms from an urban catchment
    This was the first publication as part of my PhD studies, published in the (Q1) Journal of Environmental Management.
  • Stormwater sampling study; City of Greater Geelong and Deakin University
    The project has now collected and collated water quality data from comprehensive sampling across more than 20 rain events at three different locations, in addition to ongoing monitoring of a constructed wetland built as part of the Warralily Estate in Armstrong Creek. Project required engagement with multiple stakeholders and coordination of industry practitioners, students and researchers in addition to delivery of many key technical parts of the project.
  • WSUD asset auditing
    water_insites has provided delivery of asset audits for City of Yarra, Brimbank City Council and Surf Coast Shire. This involved detailed inspections and assessments of more than 350 assets, including site sampling, in-situ infiltration testing and time-based depth monitoring.
  • Asset Management Planning; City of Greater Geelong
    WSUD specific Asset Management Planning was developed to understand what routine and non-routine maintenance tasks are required for each asset, and when these works are best to be completed. This document became key in determining required resources and maintenance practices, to ensure the most efficient financial outcomes in the long term, realising savings through reduced renewal liabilities of more than $10mil over the 10yr analysis period. It also ensured that maximized stormwater treatment and environmental management outcomes are achieved for every dollar spent, incorporating learnings from research with Deakin on asset life cycle cost and performance.
  • BSF Training and Monitoring, Myanmar
    I was also involved in a personal project in 2017, which saw me spend a week in Myanmar, helping a small NGO train local staff. Staff (with little or no water background) were trained how to test for flow rates and simple water quality parameters such as turbidity and E.Coli, to help ensure that installation of BSF (bio-sand filtration) units installed at more than 20 homes were still effective in treating water for human consumption.
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