Australian Partners

Waterfind Pty Ltd

Waterfind has over thirteen (13) years experience in providing professional water brokerage and
ancillary services, covering full trade processing and conveyancing, water market analysis, and
bespoke water asset advisory.
Over this time Waterfind built and deployed Australia’s most awarded
online water exchange. This incorporates all of Australia’s major water trading zones.
Waterfind’s skilled staff and commitment to industry best practice have grown a client base that
holds over 65% of all Australian water entitlements.

Water Brokergae -Waterfind is the most experienced water brokerage Company across all major water
regions of Australia.
Special Projects Experience – Waterfind has been engaged by multiple enterprises to trade unique
parcels of water (by size, region or other characteristics).
Successful partnerships – resulting in repeat engagement by water authorities, industry groups and
private enterprise.
Award Winning Online Water Exchange – Waterfind has designed, built, grown and maintains Australia’s
leading water market exchange.
On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program – Government initiative aimed at assisting irrigators within the
southern connected system of the Murray-Darling Basin to modernise their on-farm irrigation
infrastructure while returning a portion of their water savings to the Commonwealth.

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