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Watershed HydroGeo Pty Ltd

Watershed HydroGeo is a small independent hydrogeological consultancy based in NSW. We provide technical advice on hydrogeological matters to industry and government, specifically via the development and use of groundwater numerical models. In the recent times this has included the provision of technical input to mining projects (i.e. impact assessment), water resources estimation and mapping, PFAS investigations, and hydrogeological training and peer review.

• Groundwater modelling (MODFLOW);
• Hydrological/geological data manipulation and analysis;
• GIS (analysis, mapping);
• Groundwater recharge estimation and modelling;
• Groundwater-surface water interaction analysis and modelling;
• Provision of training;
• Groundwater Peer review.

  • Ovens Valley Water Resource Appraisal(Goulburn-Murray Water, VIC),Dendrobium Coal Mine(South32, NSW),Ecomarkets Groundwater Modelling – East Gippsland(DSE, VIC),Upper Ovens WSPA review(North East CMA, VIC),RAAF Williamtown(Dept of Defence / AECOM, NSW),Wilpinjong Coal Mine(Peabody, NSW)
    Carried out geological mapping, analysis of groundwater-surface water interaction and developed a coupled recharge-runoff model and MODFLOW model of groundwater and surface resources in the Ovens Valley, northern Victoria.,Carried out groundwater data analysis and modelling (MODFLOW-SURFACT and MODFLOW-USG) for impact assessment at a longwall mine in the Southern Coalfield in NSW. Also carried out surface water modelling (AWBM) as a means of assessing mining impacts on watercourses.,Carried out groundwater data analysis and modelling (MODFLOW) for assessment of land use change in East Gippsland as part of the state governments EcoMarkets programme. Specifically, this looked at changes to baseflow.,Carried out data analysis to assess the effectiveness of a water resource management regime. This review occurred after the first 5-years of the management plan, and included analysis of groundwater levels, river flow and baseflow, and included recommendations for further analysis and whether to modify parts of the plan.,Provided hydrogeological support and numerical modelling to a significant PFAS investigation at RAAF Williamtown. This included simulation of PFAS transport in groundwater and surface water, with predictions of the effects on human and environmental users in two highly productive aquifers in this area.,Carried out data analysis, conceptualisation and modelling of the open cut coal mine and the neighbouring open cut and underground mines. This was to assess the impacts of an extension of the mine on local groundwater bores, watercourses and GDEs.
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