Australian Partners

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University (WSU) is a research institution driven by impact. The leaders of WSU believe that excellent research and practical outcomes are essential parts or the university research mission. Research WSU is conducted to have a real impact upon the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the regional, national and international communities. Several research groups within WSU have the capacity for research engagement related to AWP. These include Centre for infrastructure Engineering (CIE), the School of Science and Health (SSH) and two groups within the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics (SCEM) – Geotechnical, Water and Environmental Engineering (GWEE) and the Centre for Research in Mathematics (CRM).

– Integrated water resources planning;
– Trans-disciplinary approach to developing an understanding of how water, landscape and people interact
and influence the environment and sustainability;
– Strategies for improving water security in the context of climate change and food production;
– River health and environmental flows;
– Sustainable and participatory groundwater management;
– Water policy, economics and governance;
– Modelling and analyses of the water cycle – for long-term water resource planning and examining the
implications of social, economic, cultural, policy and institutional aspects of water cycle management;
– Water quality management and monitoring, including developing new technologies for innovative water
disinfection, pathogen assessment and removal;
– Socio-economic analysis at the catchment and basin scales;
– Stakeholder engagement and water project impact analysis;
– Improving water supply through developing efficient systems for stormwater and groundwater
– Microbial fuel cell technology for recovering energy from waste streams.
– Artificial intelligence-based modelling approaches for predicting floods, rainfalls, water demands and
water yields;
– Intelligent water pipe networks; and
– Water management tool and model for decision making based on real-time, wireless data monitoring.

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