Partner Outreach Series

The AWP Partner Outreach Series is a selection of webinars, roundtables and meet & greet sessions for partners. The range of activities provides some of the current policy and ideas, conversations and networking experience normally on offer at the annual Partners Workshop, now available online throughout the year.

Indigenous Water Management Roundtable | 20 Aug 2021

Partner Outreach Series Indigenous Water Management Roundtable On 20 August 2021, AWP hosted a virtual roundtable on Indigenous Water Management, part of our ongoing Partner Outreach Series. Speakers Phil Duncan (Alluvium), Associate Professor Bradley Moggridge (University of Canberra) and Dr Virginia Marshall (ANU) presented to a group of 30 AWP Partners, who then moved into [...]

Water in the Climate Conference Roundtable | 13 Oct 2021

Partner Outreach Series Water in the Climate Conference – how do we understand the water and climate nexus? 13 October 2021, 1:00 – 2:15pm AEDT, via Zoom In this participatory session, we will learn the latest climate change findings and the implications/net consequences to water. Then, in breakout rooms, we will explore the diverse way [...]

Procurement, consortia and what makes a good proposal

Partner Outreach Series AWP Business: Procurement, consortia, and what makes a good proposal This session provides practical examples of proposal criteria and specifically how to incorporate gender equality, disability and social inclusion (GEDSI) in proposal design. View slides - PDF 1.1MB Related: Guidance for Partners: Addressing GEDSI in AWP proposals, concepts and tenders GEDSI resources [...]

Water Diplomacy Roundtable | 22 Sep 2021

Partner Outreach Series Water Diplomacy Roundtable 22 September 2021, 1:00 – 2:30pm AEDT, via Zoom This virtual roundtable was hosted by AWP on the topic of water diplomacy as part of its Partner Outreach Series. Speakers Nandita Baruah (The Asia Foundation), Dr John Dore (DFAT Bangkok), and Tony Slatyer (Water Policy Group) presented to a [...]