Innovation Space: Weir

Weir is a new project by AWP Partner, Tracey Benson from Treecreate which will be presented at the Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium in Nelson,  New Zealand from 23-25 September 2022.

Weir explores how the flow of the river is contained and how its infrastructure impacts on the life of the aquatic species. This project explores some of the more-than-human stories of the river by focusing specifically on  fish species and their story of survival. It will be presented as a projection with a sound composition titled Invasive.

The Invasive project is a collaboration between Tracey Benson (Australia) and Josiah Jordan (New Zealand/United States) with initial funding provided by the Centre of Applied Water Science at University of Canberra. It uses DNA from the iconic native species Murray Cod in contrast with DNA from the invasive European Carp in a musical score with data points which traces both the journey of the river downstream and 111 years of the regulation of the Murray Darling through its locks and weirs.

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