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Partnership is open only to Australian organisations and businesses.

Applications must be submitted through the online form by clicking ‘START PARTNER APPLICATION’ below. Your online application progress can be saved for up to 30 days, however we recommend preparing and retaining a copy of your submission prior to starting (please refer to the below documents). On the last page of the application form your representative will be required to make a signed declaration on screen.

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Partnering approach

The AWP will have both International and Australian Partners who are countries and development organisations, or organisations and businesses from the Australian public and private water sector.

International Partners

Priority International Partners are:

  • Country governments (working with Australian overseas missions and DFAT programs)
  • The World Bank
  • The Asian Development Bank
  • UN agencies and initiatives.

As noted above, it is these International Partners who will propose the work to be undertaken by AWP.

Australian Partners

All Australian public and private organisations (including government departments and authorities, consultants, water service and technology providers, universities and research institutes, industry associations and NGOs) will have the opportunity to join AWP and to participate in AWP activities.
The process and requirements for joining AWP are set out in the ‘Request for Expressions of Interest for Australian Organisations and Businesses’

Partnering Roles

Roles for partners within the AWP will include:

  • submitting requests for assistance and proposals for funding (if an International Partner)
  • delivering activities under approved international proposals (if an Australian Partner)
  • building and sharing water reform knowledge (all Partners).