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The University of Adelaide (UoA) is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious universities, and a member of the Group of 8 universities. UoA is recognized internationally for excellence in research, particularly in agriculture, the natural environment, society and social innovation, mineral and energy resources, and sensing and computation disciplines. Its School of Agriculture, Food and Wine is the largest agricultural research institute in the southern Hemisphere. UoA has made significant contributions to addressing the research needs of a global society and has a proven track record in building effective partnerships with industry and government. UoA water researchers span four faculties, two campuses and several discipline groups that frequently collaborate on research questions.

Membership includes economic and social scientists from Global Food Studies; soil and agricultural scientists from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine; ecology and biological scientists from the Environment Institute; and hydrologists, engineers, human technology and mathematical modeling scientists from the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering. Areas of expertise include: asset management and decision-support optimization; catchment or river system hydrological and climate analysis; environmental water efficiency; water quality; freshwater, soil and biochemical ecology; landscape modelling; governance and/or institutional analyses; market-based reallocation incentives; agricultural science; and social externality resilience and adaptation in agricultural and urban contexts. All members have an excellent reputation for delivering on trans-disciplinary projects and an unparalleled track record in competitive research funding that spans consultancy, contract research and large Australian Research Council projects.