Australian Partners /Aither


Aither is an economics, policy and strategic advisory firm. Aither has specialist expertise and experience that extends across multiple disciplines and sectors – with primary expertise in water policy and reform, water infrastructure, natural hazards (floods), natural resource management and the environment. Aither applies this expertise to provide government and private sector clients, as well as research and community-based organisations, with services related to policy and strategy development, appraisal and optimisation, performance and reporting, and review.

Aither brings together a professional team with government, industry and consulting experience in water policy and management across Australia. We combine leading expertise in economics, policy and strategy with deep experience in urban, rural and environmental water planning, and markets. Our team members have had intimate involvement in the major federal, state and utility level water reforms of the past decade, and are policy experts.

We have extensive experience working with government and the private sector in the design, implementation and analysis of Australia’s water markets and rural water challenges. However, we are independent with no direct stake in the market. Aither also delivers a range of solutions across the urban water sector from high-level analysis and advice, to site-specific economic appraisals of infrastructure investments.

Aither commit senior staff to every project, drawing on an extensive range of experts to provide the best team for the specific brief. We pride ourselves on knowledge, and understanding of our client’s needs, which enables us to deliver the highest quality results in a timely and cost effective manner.