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Alluvium is a niche, employee-owned consulting firm focused on the sustainable management of catchments, rivers and cities. We are a national leader in river health, stream restoration and urban water management. Our vision is to make a difference to the world we live in. We seek to provide inspiration leadership on environmental issues and solutions, and we focus on our role in continually lifting the bar within our industry. Across five offices, we employ more than 50 professional staff from a range of closely related scientific, engineering and social science disciplines. We provide an integrated service to our clients that blends river health science, restoration engineering, social science, NRM economics, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building. We are working with our partners on some of the biggest catchment and river health challenges in Australia: writing business cases for millions of dollars of environmental water infrastructure in the MDBA, developing advanced surface water management strategies to protect hundreds of kilometres of fragile streams on Melbourne’s fringe and writing industry guidelines for large-scale river diversions around some of the largest mines in the country.

Technically our business is focused on; Water resource policy and economics; Water reform business planning; Integrated water management planning; Waterway and water resource science and engineering (flow assessments, geomorphic assessments and instream physical habitat modelling). We are driven by big challenges and difficult problems. Big problems are often multi-faceted, complex, systemic, and challenging, but solving them can transform the health of our catchments and rivers, and the people who live in them.