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The Water and Environment Group of BMT WBM is one of Australia’s premier environmental consultants. Our staff include engineers, environmental scientists, ecologists and environmental planners and are supported by an in-house team of GIS technicians as well as a specialist marine and aquatic field data and survey unit. The firm’s head office is in Brisbane and has branch offices located in Newcastle, Sydney, and Melbourne.

BMT WBM has the in-house skills to provide an integrated engineering, ecological and scientific service to our clients. The diversity and strength of our staff enables us to provide innovative and practical solutions, supported by comprehensive field data capability and sophisticated numerical modelling.

We are recognised for our award winning work in climate change adaptation, water quality management and planning and water efficiency. We have authored and co-authored several industry-accredited guidelines and policy documents at the local, state and national levels and regularly provide capacity building (e.g. training workshops).