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The Bureau of Meteorology is a culturally diverse and skilled organisation with expertise in environmental monitoring, weather prediction, climate, water resource assessment and forecasting. These key services are provided by the Bureau to the Australian public, and benefit a range of industries and government organisations including: defence, aviation, water, agriculture, emergency management, health, mining, tourism and recreation.

The Bureau is mandated by the Australian government, under the Water Act 2007 and the Water Regulations 2008, to deliver high quality water information to key stakeholders – public, government and industry. In support of this the Bureau has a wide range of technical and professional staff, including ongoing research both internally and with external collaborators such as Universities and the CSIRO. Collating, standardising and archiving water data gathered by over 200 organisations is an important part of the Bureau fulfilling its responsibilities.

The Bureau’s Water Resource Assessment reports and the annual National Water Accounts provide insights into the state of Australia’s water resources. Information for these products is sourced from the Australian Water Resources Assessment model, National Groundwater Information System and Climate Resilient Water Sources (urban water supply/use information). Flood forecasting is provided in cooperation with all Australian state and territory government water and emergency management agencies, catchment management authorities and local councils. Streamflow is forecast at 7-days, 1-month and seasonal time scales across Australia and provide information that supports decisions on water restriction planning, storage releases, and water allocations for irrigation and the environment