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Bruce Hooper & Associates is a sole trader consultancy firm, that is, Dr Bruce Hooper, an international water policy advisor, is the Director and sole consultant. He provides high level, strategic and targeted analysis and advice in water resources governance, with 35 years’ experience in natural resources management in USA, Australia, Southeast Asia (Mekong Basin), India (Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharasthra, New Delhi) and with east and southern African river basin organisations. He was previously Associate Professor of Geography at Southern Illinois University, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland and in the 1980’s and 1990’s at the Centre for Water Policy Research, University of New England, Australia, where he undertook projects for the Murray Darling Basin Commission. At the Centre he established collaborative water policy dialogues with U.S. western water policy experts in transferability of water entitlements and environmental water allocations.

In 1994, he was also a US Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR) international mentor and recipient of their meritorious PhD award in social sciences. More recently, in 2005, he advised the US Army Corps of Engineers (Institute of Water Resources, Washington DC) in IWRM basin-level indicators, American watershed organisations (on key performance indicators), America’s Watershed Initiative (on institutional arrangements for a Mississippi Basin organisation), the World Water Council (France & India on IWRM implementation), the Mekong River Commission, several Indian State Governments (as documented below in ‘Products & Services’) and other transboundary river basin organisations.

Earlier in his career he was one of the first to develop new governance arrangements for integrated floodplain management and integrated watershed management in Australia. In teams or individually, he has won & led consultancy and research projects worth over $2.5m, funded by UCOWR, the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the former Murray-Darling Basin Commission and the Australian and New South Wales’ Governments. He won the 1997 Australian Government’s (LWA) Travelling Research Fellowship in North American Watershed Management.

He is on the Board of the journal, Water Policy, and earlier edited the IWRA journal, Water International. He is a member of the International Water Resources Associations, earlier from his base in Illinois and now from Queensland, Australia. Dr Hooper works with other consultants as associates in small teams to achieve effective policy outcomes through well-written policy products and program outputs.