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University of Canberra (UC) is a major university (14,000 students) with significant education, research, research training and commercial expertise across the water space. Particular strengths include aquatic chemistry, freshwater ecology and freshwater genetics (via the Institute for Applied Ecology [UC-IAE]), water policy and governance (via the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis [UC-IGPA]) and social sciences (via the Health Research Institute [UC-HRI]). UC has a long history of leadership in the water space, via the late Professors Peter Cullen and Richard Norris, and through leadership and involvement in a series of major water initiatives. These include the major freshwater CRCs, and an ongoing relationship as host to eWater Ltd., development of the national AUSRIVAS biomonitoring program, and leading the freshwater component in the Invasive Animals CRC. Most recently UC led the trans-disciplinary Murray-Darling Basin Futures Cooperative Research Network. UC offers a BSc in Environmental Science with a strong emphasis on water, and offers graduate and community training in water chemistry, bioassessment and a range of quantitative skills. The commercial arm of UC-IAE is a significant consulting company with major partnerships into the private sector, and a range of clients including commercial companies, state agencies and Commonwealth departments.