Doolan MacNally Family Trust

I am a water expert currently working part-time and doing some additional limited expert advisory work for the AWP. I have a family trust but currently it is not cost-effective for me to establish my own company. The trust has an ABN and insurance. It has been an acceptable arrangement to a number of clients all of which have been either state or Commonwealth government departments. I have no subcontractors.

Organisational Capability

  • - sustainable water resource management
    - policy on urban and rural water supply and security
    - national water reform and water sector governance
    - river health, environmental water allocation and catchment management
    - management of water during drought and climate change
    - intergovernmental policy development and negotiations
    - integration of advanced science with water policy and management


  • Documenting the Australian Water reform journey for the AWP
    Writing three reports for the AWP . The Australian water reform journey . Building resilience to Drought . a report for the High level Panel on water