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Ecoseal Developments provides services in groundwater modelling, seawater intrusion modelling and water resource management, for the water industry and for communities and water users who rely on this critical resource. Our mission is to help communities manage water environments towards a sustainable future. The principle that water is a shared resource governs our work – shared for the benefit of communities, the environment and industry. This serves the long term economic benefit of communities that rely on this vital resource and improves water management outcomes.

Ecoseal provides specialist consulting services in groundwater, environmental and water resource management. Ecoseal develops groundwater models to manage water resources and its impact on agricultural production, water supply and dependant ecosystems. We use models to evaluate the risk of seawater intrusion and develop strategies for sustainable extraction. We have developed new and innovative techniques for monitoring and assessment of stressed aquifers.

Ecoseal has completed projects for sustainable management of groundwater resources in Australia, China, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Thailand and Sri Lanka. These projects include farmer owned and managed irrigation districts and groundwater management areas set up as shared community resources. The focus of these projects was to bring about a measurable improvement in the management of surface and groundwater resources and to ensure the use of natural resources amongst competing stakeholders was equitable and would improve security of water for irrigated agriculture and for improved environmental, social and economic outcomes for communities.