eWater Ltd

eWater Solutions is the arm of eWater Limited which continues the mission of the eWater Cooperative Research Centre to develop and support our State and Commonwealth Government owners to deploy water management tools and methods unique to the Australian approach to managing our scarce water resources. eWater Solutions is the national organisation in the development and application of those uniquely Australian products (Source, MUSIC, and Toolkit) representing the encapsulated knowledge for water markets and truly integrated water cycle management.

We are an Australian Government owned not-for-profit organisation that offers capacity building, modelling tools, technical support services and a community of practice to support the ongoing development, adoption and operational delivery of the eWater software and modelling capability incorporating the products and services relating to Source, Toolkit, and MUSIC+.

Our tools represent the encapsulated knowledge and methods developed through Australia’ water reform journey around urban scale water sensitive design and our unique water management system of entitlements and allocations. Our Government owners rely on us to implement the evolving modelling foundations of science-based policy and to keep abreast of international and national trends in IWRM. We provide a pathway toward resolution of trans-boundary and trans-sectoral water challenges through the establishment of a common framework for addressing operational water management policy backed by core Australian expertise from the local to the river basin scale.

Our community-based background scientific and training materials, workflow documents, and best practice guidelines represent tools-led pathways towards enabling our users and clients to benefit from eWater’s encapsulated knowledge and solve problems.

Our free open Toolkit models are one of the most widely accessed resources of hydrological and environmental flow tools with over 10,000 members across more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our people are primarily technologists and trainers who deeply understand the modelling and technology space in which we work. We offer much more than just the software tools, we stand behind our tools and methods with experience and know-how in how to apply them.


Organisational Capability

  • We offer:

    - Hydrological modelling tools and technology from river basin scale to Water Sensitive Urban Design and Integrated Water Cycle Management. Our tools are for the most part free of licence fees.

    - Training on customisation through our open .NET framework.

    - Access to experts and capacity building and training in a learning-by-doing environment.

    - The opportunity to work in our office alongside our hydrology experts and software developers.