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Fishway Consulting Services (FCS) is one of the most respected Australian businesses in the field of water management. We develop technical solutions that mitigate ecological impacts of human development in aquatic ecosystems and natural resource management. FCS collaborates closely with engineers, managers and diverse interest groups, to resolve fundamental issues over conflicting issues arising from resource development schemes that are not only site-based but integrate ecological objectives over different spatial scales. These projects have included working with all tiers of government, as well as NGOs and engineering consortia in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, China, Bangladesh and the Mekong. We focus on both small and large projects, having recently led the national fishway technical group that oversaw US$70 mil investment of public funds rehabilitating over 2,000km of river in South Eastern Australia.

We take an approach to projects that sustainability is best achieved by understanding the system as a totality; taking a reductionist approach where needed to address key knowledge gaps. We clarify ecological function, develop complex models and integrate eco-physiology with hydrology and hydraulics, undertake engineering design and review and implement on-ground solutions. Initially established as a fish passage specialist, we have diversified into many areas of water management.

FCS has a proven track record in both Australia and internationally and we specialist in sustainable water solutions. Our staff and associates are sought after, and represent some of the most respected personnel in aquatic ecology, water management and sustainable infrastructure across the globe. Having access to such a diverse set of backgrounds and skillsets enables us to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the water sector allowing us to work with both industry and government to achieve sustainable solutions.