The NCGRT was established in 2009 to provide address Australia’s national groundwater research and management challenges with unparalleled scale and focus. Our expertise spans all of the critical fundamental and applied groundwater research disciplines. Over the last 5 years we have grown from a new start-up organisation into the world’s leading inter-disciplinary groundwater research and training institution. Today we work with over 300 researchers from 40 partner organisations located in Australia and internationally, and deliver Australia’s leading professional development program for policy and industry practitioners working in the natural resource management field. Our key scientific advances include:

• Novel ways to characterise and model geologic heterogeneity;

• An award-winning theoretical framework for simplifying field date so groundwater models make reliable predictions; and

• Quantifying and mapping the water needs of the Australian landscape for the first time ever. One of our key business drivers is to enhance the knowledge exchange capacity of the international groundwater science and management community. We have achieved this by:

• Rigorously aligning our research program with contemporary water management challenges and end-user requirements;

• Producing 700 journal papers, delivering a quantum leap forward in terms of our understanding of groundwater resources;

• Training 160 PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers and 100 Honours students;

• Delivering over 75 courses to 3,000 participants through our internationally-acclaimed Industry Training Program; and

• Developing strategic research partnerships (e.g. UNESCO, World Bank, UK Aid) to accelerate the development of management practice, and showcase Australia’s scientific, technological and public policy expertise on the global stage.