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HARC is a consulting firm based in Blackburn, Melbourne. Our focus is water resources, hydrology and risk management. Our team provides specialist services to government and industry clients, and other consultants, from around Australia and overseas. Our vision is to be a trusted partner with those who manage Australia’s dams, catchments and water resources. Our mission is to provide valuable insights that are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our values include outstanding client service; technical excellence and innovation; integrity and transparency; and healthy relationships.

HARC has strong capability in two of the four water use domains identified in the Partnering Prospectus: Catchment and river basins, and Environmental water quantity and quality. For example, we are currently undertaking flood studies for the Swan and Helena River basins in WA, and for the Snowy River basin in NSW/Victoria. We also recently completed an assessment of how inflows to Lake Merrimu in Victoria have changed over time, and what the expected yield is under current climate conditions.

Our staff (e.g. Simon Lang) have been involved in developing the recommended methods for hydrology and hydraulic contributions to Victorian environmental flow studies. HARC also has recent experience overseas; in September we were asked to review the designed flood capacity for the rehabilitated Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant in Liberia. Our review led to cost savings for the client that were able to be reinvested in improving the safety of other plant components.