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Healthy Waterways is a non-government not-for-profit organisation renowned for acquiring and applying transdisciplinary science (including catchment and estuarine modelling, biophysical and social research, and environmental economics) to inform and guide best practice waterway management. We facilitate collaboration among state and local governments, industry, researchers and the community to drive the delivery of tangible on-ground waterway management actions that achieve significant environmental, social and economic outcomes.

We provide the frameworks to understand waterway condition, pressures and socio-economic benefits, which guide innovative policy, inform robust catchment planning and drive on-ground investment that enhances the community’s livelihoods and quality of life. Our expertise across the areas of water sensitive urban design and integrated urban water management assist the development and delivery of guidelines, training and capacity building to build water sensitive cities that support sustainable economic development. Our experience in developing and delivering evidenced-based behaviour change initiatives help to drive targeted community behaviours and improve community health and wellbeing.

We have demonstrated experience and skills that can be shared and adapted across all aspects of waterway management, including stormwater, construction sites, point source, recreation and tourism, land and riparian management. Our work takes a whole-of-catchment approach with a focus on the challenges of point and diffuse source pollution, and mitigating the impacts on water quality from urban expansion, rural land use and climate variability.