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About  Hydra Consulting

Hydra Consulting is a South Australian boutique consultancy supporting effective growth and project delivery. We work across a range of sectors providing specialist expertise in policy development and implementation, water planning, implementation planning, project governance, development of sciencedriven policy and collaborative teaming. We have been highly successful in supporting government to develop effective policy, implement that policy and to manage the science behind that policy.

Our work on the Southeast Water Science review (consisting of 70 people from 20 companies delivering on time and on budget in just 4 months) resulted in world first regulation of abstracted water in forestry. We managed the South Australian response to the Murray Darling Basin Plan, managing the development of the policy science review that resulted in increased water allocations for South Australia under the Plan. We developed the processes used in South Australia for the implementation of highly complex water policy projects in the Mount Lofty Ranges.

We successfully ran a unique public engagement process through a design competition to identify community solutions to infrastructure implementation for ‘Low Flow’ management in the Adelaide Hills. We are undertaking business development for two new Australian bottled water company’s including assessing regulatory and health requirements.

The overall type of projects we have been involved in in the water space include: Water policy implementation planning; water policy science project management; water policy science development; project management reviews; building systems for organisations to develop project management systems and procedures; approval process design and re-engineering; capital project reviews; community engagement through design competition; building and managing multi-national project teams; project governance; project and organisational performance, policy governance, organisational governance.

Outside of water, we have extensive experience in the application of new ‘big data’ approaches to customer engagement, including use of internet media scraping, which we have been pioneering in the wine industry for understanding brand engagement and social sentiment. We track people movements through regions to assess how areas are used in real life and understand carrying capacity and human behaviour, with a focus on tourism. We also have a GIS-based service that we can use to run citizen science and community engagement projects that have a focus on place using a very simple phone interface. Finally, we also provide a service that helps understand how places are used and provide userinteractive information on places from data sources that are rarely utilised; developed for natural resource and tourism regions. We have also recently developed a biosecurity management system that creates an engagement platform that includes geographically-based data management, database search-based communication protocols, citizen science interface and machine data collection to create a powerful integrated database that will allow for the creation of landscape-based understanding of biosecurity risk.