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Hydronumerics is a specialist water resource engineering and integrated hardware and software provider based in Melbourne, Australia. We work across the aquatic resource portfolio on complex, public and private issues in water supply, catchment condition and health, water quality benchmarking, response of water resources to anthropogenic and environmental change and improving efficiency and access to water resources across range of scales.

Our specialist teams of engineers and scientists consult on a wide range of urban, peri-urban and rural water supply and quality projects, and bring a unique blend of quantitative engineering analysis, astute financial acumen and balanced stakeholder engagement approach to our delivery model. Hydronumerics’ work is based on over two decades of R&D and our products and services are currently implemented in Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, China, PNG, Brazil and the US.

Our management team includes Chris O’Neill, Dr Peter Yeates and Dr Chris Dallimore. Chris O’Neill leads our international practice, and he has over 12 years experience in water and wastewater management, catchment planning, integrated modelling, irrigation analysis and stakeholder engagement both in Australia and Internationally. Chris has worked extensively across India since 2012, and has built an extensive portfolio throughout that country during that time, including complex environmental analysis in Tamil Nadu, Policy advisory in Gujarat, water quality modelling along the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh and water resource accounting in Rajasthan.