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IAfD provides professional services related to integrated water and irrigation management, food security and agricultural development. Our core areas of capability encompass technical and professional elements of water resource management, building institutional capacity and long-term sustainable use of water in agriculture.

Services include technical skills training and education, study tours, on-farm innovation research and demonstrations, extension outreach and adoption research, regional and catchment based water planning and improved water resource use.

We offer ‘on the ground experience’ in delivering technical irrigation and crop water management projects throughout the Indo-Pacific region, whilst offering global experience through our activities in Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. Our on-farm research and capacity building activities aim to up skill participants engaged in the management and direct use of water resources for achieving food and water security outcomes.

We deliver training in ‘best practice’ irrigation practices, soil water monitoring systems and irrigation management – tailored to specific organisational needs and local agro-ecological conditions. With our partners we design change-agent strategies for implementing water reform priorities that support ‘on the ground’ practice change. We build the capacity of local ‘practitioners’ through developing extension outreach strategies, ‘return to work’ projects post-training, and support mechanisms for local water user association groups.

Our short course ‘Master Class’ training programs in irrigation and water management are delivered both in Australia and internationally, providing all aspects of technical delivery, ‘hands on’ field training and tours, logistics and welfare support targeting both Government and private sector specialists.