ICE WaRM was established as an Australian Government initiative in 2004. The Centre provides a national focus and international gateway to Australia’s education, training and research expertise in water. It is recognised as Australia?s centre for leadership and innovation in collaborative approaches to water resources management, through its growing partnerships both in Australia and internationally. ICE WaRM operates as a facilitator and broker, drawing together Australia?s leading education and research providers with key water management agencies to create innovative capacity development solutions for a range of water-related sectors nationally and internationally. The approach is centred on building and maintaining partnerships and networks which are able to sustain practical, effective collaborative activities over extended periods.

Organisational Capability

  • • build open, effective and enduring partnerships across the Australian and International water sectors
    • establish strategic, long-term engagement between the Australian water sector and governments in
    developing countries
    • work in collaboration with multi-lateral development organisations, public water sector institutions, private
    water industries, and civil society groups
    • share the Australian water management experience, expertise and technologies to support sustainable water
    • build capability and capacity in public and private sector organisations in the water sector
    • deliver education and training courses in Australia and internationally through both national and international
    networks of providers
    • source high levels of expertise in policy development and technical problem solving
    • engage with senior political and thought leaders around issues of sustainable water management, and
    practical demonstrations of the implementation of those concepts
    • access state-of-the-art knowledge in water resources management
    • address development priorities relating to water management


  • High Level Short Programme for World Bank / AusAID / Indonesian Government
    10 day programme for Indonesia Senior Indonesian Government officials from four ministries plus World Bank staff – a total of 10 attending
  • High Level Short Programme for World Bank / Netherlands Trust Fund
    7 day programme for High-level Pakistan Government officials, senior ADB and World Bank staff. – a total of 12 attending.
  • High Level Short Programme for the Government of China, World Bank, Global Environment Fund.
    5 day programme for the China Ministry of Water Resources, Environment Protection Bureau Officials – a total of 13 attending
  • Professional Development Programme, including industry placements for the Government of China (Ministry of Water Resources) and AusAID (ALAF Round 3
    8 month programme including language development and postgraduate qualification for the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) – a total of 19 attending
  • Professional DEvelopment Programme for DFAT
    A 3½ week programme for water managers from Burma, Cambodia, Lao PDR, China, Thailand, Vietnam and various Government and academic institutions – a total of 20 attending
  • Partner in the DFAT Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio
    Funding for 3 years to initiate a 12-year programme consisting of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMEs, HIGH LEVEL SHORT PROGRAMMEs, Postgraduate Partnerships and training programmes for India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, involving various government departments and academic institutions. Working in partnership with other Australian and international agencies.