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ICEM is an independent technical service centre that helps governments, private sector and communities define and implement policies for ecologically sustainable development. ICEM aims to help shape development in ways that reduce poverty and sustain efficient and equitable management of natural resources. ICEM has arranged its technical expertise and services into four fields of focus: CLIMATE CHANGE – WATER – BIODIVERSITY – INTEGRATED ASSESSMENTS.

Within and across each field, ICEM has a team of specialists with extensive regional experience. ICEM has developed a range of region specific tools and methodologies that has given us a reputation as leaders in climate change planning, biodiversity conservation, water and natural resources management, and integrated environmental assessments.

ICEM has been involved in water resources survey and management in the Indo-Pacific region for over 2 decades, focusing on projects in watershed management, survey and conservation of marine and freshwater habitats, rural drinking water supply and quality, economic valuations of ecosystem services and modelling of hydrology and water availability. ICEM is a leader in the Mekong region for its hydrological modeling work, its flood and drought studies, in understanding wetlands and in studying the effects of infrastructure developments and climate change on water resources and hydrodynamics. We have been extending this work to other regions and countries, most recently in Nepal and Burma.