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About  JBP Scientists and Engineers

JBP is a group of chartered engineers and scientists who have worked on a range of projects in Australia,
the Pacific, and internationally on projects with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. We focus
on weather and climate change risk management, in particular coastal, flooding and water-related risks.
We apply an integrated approach, using technology, detailed modelling, science and engineering to
consider structures, operations, weather-risks and response. Our tools are used to reduce weather-related
impacts, support infrastructure design, offer advance warning of disruptions, and reduce the cost of delays.
Our core skills include:
• Statistical analysis of extreme weather, including waves, sea levels, rainfall IFDs, joint and multivariate
• The development of detailed numerical models for waves, currents, tides, extreme sea levels,
erosion, shoreline recession, rainfall, flows, flooding, detailed hydraulics (CFD), and dam breaks.
• The development of coastal and flood forecasting systems, for early warnings, alerts and
notifications, and sophisticated metocean forecasting tools for shipping, ports and marine construction.
• Design of coastal structures, including seawalls, revetments, breakwaters, beach nourishment
• Port management, including dredging, detailed modelling, and engineering design.
• Training and capacity building for coastal, flood and climate change risks.