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La Trobe University is well placed to advance the AWP’s Vision for the effective and equitable management of water resources in the Indo-Pacific by bringing together expertise in supporting inclusive economic development, improving water security, and reducing environmental and social impacts, and regional tensions (

Our Research Focus Area ‘Securing Food, Water and the Environment’ reflects significant strengths in freshwater ecology and the provision of advice and solutions to water managers (Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre:; water policy and management choices and their impact water users, under increased competition for water resources, and crossing multiple jurisdictions (Centre for Water Policy and Management:; groundwater extent, connectedness, movement, extraction, transport and ecology; and hydrology, agricultural water use, remote sensing, systems modelling and irrigation.

Our Institute for Human Security and Social Change ( supports agents of progressive social change in development; furthers the interaction of high-quality research, policy and practice, with a particular focus on engaging nationally, in Asia and the Pacific; and offers specialist expertise in collective action, leadership, gender, participatory development practice, and assessment and accountability.

We recently launched our La Trobe Asia initiative ( which takes a whole-of-University perspective on Asia in teaching, research and external engagement. It taps into an active, policy-relevant research community, with extensive external networks in Asia, including with universities, governments, think tanks and non-government organisations. La Trobe Asia hosts visiting academics and experts, organises public events, seminars and conferences, and leads and informs public debate.