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About  Manly Hydraulics Laboratory

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory (MHL) has been solving coastal and hydraulic engineering problems since 1944. It is a specialist business unit within the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation with over 50 staff – engineers, scientists and hydrographers. The laboratory, located at Manly Vale NSW, is the largest hydraulic laboratory in Australia and includes specialist test facilities for meters (urban and irrigation meters), coastal and hydraulic structures, as well as a water quality laboratory.

MHL provides specialist water cycle modelling and monitoring services in the areas of water supply, wastewater, stormwater, irrigation, coastal and natural environments (catchments, rivers, groundwater) including physical and numerical modelling investigations, and the delivery of extensive data collection programs.

MHL works closely with other agencies, local government, private organisations and communities for:

  • sustainable water resource management and protection (quantity and quality)
  • the long-term protection, conservation and restoration of coastal, estuary and floodplain environments by reducing the risks posed by coastal hazards such as extreme tides, sea level rise and floods
  • efficient and intelligent water infrastructure operation and water management systems
  • the development of innovative water management techniques and equipment, as well as public information sharing and knowledge development with partner organisations.

MHL offers real world measurement and practicality experience, with best practice engineering and science, to address the growing water challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. 100 MHL case studies demonstrated greater than 35% return on investment for clients who engage MHL early in the development of projects.