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Paul Maria Hanasz


I am a sole trader with a PhD in transboundary water conflicts and cooperation. My region of focus is South Asia, specifically India. I have authored many articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as online articles on water governance issues. In addition to my academic research experience, I have designed and conducted numerous research projects as a freelance consultant. In addition to water governance, my areas of expertise are in peace and conflict studies, international development, sustainable development, environmental security.

I also have experience of management consulting. My skills include project management and stakeholder engagement. I am able to develop strategic planning documents, policy documents, stakeholder maps, social impact assessments, scoping studies, multi-agency coordination mechanisms, etc.

My background is in strategic communications, and I am experienced in media relations, and public communication. Specifically, I can design communication plans, draft publicity materials, and translate technical reports for a generalist audience.

I am familiar with the Australian public sector, having worked in Canberra for several years for a management consulting firm with primarily government clients. I am also familiar with South Asia, having lived, worked, and travelled extensively throughout the region. I conducted my PhD fieldwork in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh in 2014, and attended India Water Week in 2013 and 2015. I have also worked for several years in Afghanistan.