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RiveRReach Consulting is a new small-scale initiative of Frederick Bouckaert, which aims to investigate sustainable development options for rivers, estuaries and floodplain wetlands and their users. It aims to integrate environmental ecosystems with small-scale livelihood dependencies, and explores problem issues arising from conflicting water use or unsustainable development. 

This includes biodegradation, pollution and biodiversity loss, equitability issues between key stakeholders or policy reforms and their effect on water users, including boundary conflicts and competing demands.

RiveRReach Consulting operates at the intersection of participatory action research, policy and regulation and investigates cultural, ecological, social and economical dimensions in response to stakeholder requests. Together with the client, we invest some time in problem definition and scoping the project, before developing a strategy to address the issue. We bring along relevant actors to contribute to an outcome focussed approach.

RiveRReach Consulting emerged from nearly 20 years of professional experience in freshwater ecology and biological monitoring in Australia, and further professional development in ecosystem services and integrated river basin management. 

We are focussing on international projects, in particular (but not exclusively) in developing countries, and are working in partnership with professionals in hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, landscape design, modellers and spatial analysts, sociologists and conflict mediation experts. 

We tailor our projects to meet the needs of our clients, including stock-taking milestone decision points, where the project can be adjusted as a result of emerging insights into the problem. This approach recognises that a project is an evolving dynamic process, rather than a linear trajectory. It aims to optimise a balance between actors ownership, professional expertise and step change outcomes.