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RM Consulting Group (RMCG) operates in the fields of agriculture, water, the environment and community development. We have over 40 professional staff with a diverse range of backgrounds that include agricultural science, engineering, ecology, sociology and economics. Our clients hire us because we listen carefully, and offer a broad perspective on problems.

In the field of integrated water management we assist water authorities, catchment management authorities and other stakeholders to plan and implement effective solutions across river health, irrigation and drainage, biodiversity, water resources, salinity and economics.

We develop solutions at state, regional, sub-catchment and local area levels by engaging individuals, community groups and institutions in the planning process.

We are a leading player in the major reform of the irrigation businesses across northern Victoria providing strategic analysis as well as practical guidelines to implement workable solutions.

We are experts in recycled water management. Our projects have covered a wide range of recycled water uses including agricultural irrigation, community recreation, dual pipe development, industrial reuse and environmental flows.

Our services include strategic planning, triple-bottom line evaluation, site investigation, environmental assessment, feasibility studies, irrigation design, implementation and monitoring. We design sophisticated fit-fo- -purpose systems to utilise water in a manner that is good for the environment and good for business.