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SunWater is one of Australia’s leading water providers and holistic managers of large dams and water supply infrastructure. We manage some 40% of the water used commercially in Queensland via 23 supply schemes.

SunWater Limited is a Company Government Owned Corporation and its shares are held by its shareholding Ministers on behalf of the State of Queensland. SunWater is responsible for developing, operating and managing regional bulk water supply infrastructure. It is a lead agency for the development and management of water resources infrastructure and also provides a range of water technology consulting services including engineering design and total asset management.

SunWater has a record extending more than 85 years of multi-disciplined knowledge accumulation and experience as a water service provider. We manage a total water allocation of 2,820 gigalitres, which include 1,920 gigalitres of customer owned allocations, and we are well placed financially and technically to do so.

We have built a network of water storage and distribution infrastructure throughout Queensland, which now has a replacement value of around $9 billion. Our infrastructure comprises:

  • 19 major dams
  • 63 weirs and barrages
  • 82 major pumping stations
  • Over 3,100 km of pipelines and channels, and
  • 740km of drains.