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Truii Pty Ltd solves your project data problems. For data focused projects such as water resource management, 80% of your project time is spent handling data (Wickham, H. 2014 Tidy Data, Jnl Statistical Software, 59, 10). Water resource management projects are typically collaborative projects involving individuals from different disciplines and different organisations. These projects rely on information sharing and this information is usually formed around data. Data such as meteorological, water quality, hydrologic and spatial data which needs to be collated, tidied (wrangled), shared and visualised. is a data management platform designed specifically for environmental data focused projects. allows for secure data sharing, it includes a large and growing collection of data wrangling and data visualisation functions. is a secure, project level, cloud-based, data-centric platform designed for the non-data specialist where all project team members can access and interact with the project files (and specifically the data files) to maintain a single point of truth and version control.