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As the state’s water resources manager, we work with stakeholders to provide clear, coherent and credible strategic advice and develop enabling regulatory frameworks, by:

  • continuing to modernise the state’s water legislation and management approach
  • leading policy development for, and advice on, best use of water resources, water source development and efficient and effective water services
  • communicating clear policy advice that is actively aligned and responsive to state government priorities and directions
  • providing expert advice to integrate water and land use planning, and mining and environmental impact assessment processes.

Determine what water is available and how it is shared to meet current and future water needs, by:

measuring and assessing groundwater and surface water in priority areas, including assessment of environmental values

  • supporting current and future state development.
  • identifying future water supply options to meet demand across the state
  • finding and implementing water recycling and efficiency opportunities.

Protect and recover water resources now and for the future, by:

  • protecting drinking water sources
  • enabling urban development by integrating land and water planning for effective drainage and protection from flooding
  • measuring, evaluating and managing the impacts of water use and land use impacts on rivers, streams, wetlands and aquifers

Manage licences to take and use water, permit works to be undertaken and provide expert advice on water management in accordance with legislation by:

  • reducing regulatory burden
  • working with licensees and industry to ensure awareness and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • regulating water use through licensing, trading and water efficiency measures.

We provide advice on water service delivery and set standards for water supply, drainage, sewerage and irrigation services, including the setting of customer service standards.