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About  WET Systems

WET Systems is a small, focused company with specialised expertise in the development and application of wastewater management solutions appropriate for developing country contexts, remote communities and non-sewered settlements. Our focus is on the use and development of ecological and constructed wetland technologies for wastewater treatment and effluent reuse. A particular focus on development of tailor-made solutions, integrating various technological approaches as appropriate. The Director, Dr Tom Headley, has over 20 year’s experience working internationally with such technologies, including design, construction, operation, R&D, teaching and training. Dr Tom has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, China, the Middle East, Europe and USA. This work has included implementation of wastewater management solutions for single households, settlements, villages and industrial applications (including the largest constructed wetland system for an oilfield in Oman). Tom has also been involved with development of regulations, guidelines and governance systems to facilitate improved sanitation/wastewater management and safer effluent reuse activities in less developed countries, such as Fiji and Jordan