The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening its Australian, In-country and International partnerships to enhance sustainable water management in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. We do this through a number of key objectives: Broker and facilitate water experts; Contribute to diplomatic relationships; Host a vibrant Partnership; Explore strategic synergies; and Promote Team Australia.

Our Partners

In enhancing sustainable water management, AWP strives to create partnerships within and between three broad groups:

Australian Partners

Public and private organisations and businesses covering a wide range of expertise within the field of water resources management, and key Australian stakeholders.

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In-country Partners

Federal and State governments, water agencies and organisations primarily in the Indo-Pacific region.

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International Partners

Multilateral and regional organisations with a significant presence in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond, and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Posts.

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Partnership model

AWP is an innovative partnership model that provides an effective mechanism to connect demands and requests for assistance from governments internationally to the Australian water sector through the Australian aid program. Learn more.

Partner benefits

There are a number of additional benefits that AWP offers its partners including functional, experience and knowledge benefits. Learn more.