Partner Benefits

The Australian Water Partnership (AWP) is not the only mechanism through which partners can contribute to sustainable water management in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. It is recognised that the AWP has an ambitious vision relative to its funding envelope; thus, it cannot respond to all demands nor service all partners through funded activities. There are a number of additional, non-funded, benefits that we offer our partners:

Functional benefits

  • Being an AWP Partner enables access to AWP’s growing database of Australian water experts
  • Being an AWP Partner enables access to AWP’s International and In-country Partners
  • There are a number of different partner groups within the partnership – each have different roles, different contributions, and different benefits

These functional benefits lay the foundation to enable partners to build consortia to respond to demand for assistance in the region.

Experience benefits

  • We host an annual Partners Workshop – this event provides an opportunity to share knowledge, learn from each other, understand future opportunities and network with other AWP Partners
  • Through collaborating on activities, AWP Partners learn from each other
  • Through AWP activities, government and agency staff are exposed to the challenges and issues in international engagement
  • We support and participate in a select number of conferences throughout the year – partners are regularly invited to share exhibition space, co-convene sessions or represent Australia’s water reform journey and showcase its experience and expertise
  • We undertake an annual Partner Feedback Survey – this enables partners to provide feedback on how to improve and strengthen the partnership and contribute to AWP’s monitoring and evaluation process
  • Integrated with events and conferences are networking opportunities – AWP can introduce partners to in-country governments and organisations, other AWP Partners, Australia’s diplomatic network and potential future clients

Information/knowledge benefits

  • Through AWP, our partners can access market/business intelligence for specific geographies to enable more targeted and relevant responses to requests for assistance
  • Through AWP, our partners can gain an understanding of country-based political-economy context to enable enhanced impact and timing of interventions
  • We offer opportunities for partners to develop their knowledge and skills to operate in the international development realm more effectively – training in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, Cultural Awareness, and Monitoring and Evaluation are some examples in readiness preparation