Partner Webinar: Kini – An Initiative for Sharing Knowledge

Wednesday 6 December 2017, 3pm AEDT
Presenter: Karen Delfau, Exec. Director, International Water Centre Alumni Network (IWCAN)


Kini links water practitioners throughout the Asia-Pacific Region so they can discuss water challenges, share best practices, and find new ways to solve problems.

A number of partners have been interviewed as a part of this initiative since we started in February 2017, and this webinar aims to:

  • Explain how you can showcase your expertise and projects you’ve worked in via Kini
  • Connect you with others working in the Australian and international water sectors
  • Show how you can use the Kini online platform to your advantage

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For more information:

Karen Delfau
Exec. Director, International Water Centre Alumni Network (IWCAN)
T +33 (0) 644 90 64 77

About Karen Delfau:

Karen is the Executive Director of the International WaterCentre Alumni Network, a global community of practice that connects integrated water management practitioners across the globe. In partnership with the Australian Water Partnership, IWCAN manages the Kini initiative, which focuses on knowledge transfer to support water management practitioners throughout the Asia Pacific.