India National Hydrology Project: Empanelment of Equipment

An invitation for submissions from Austrade

Proposal Overview:

As part of the US$ 600 million National Hydrology Project (NHP) aimed at establishing a hydrologic database and Hydrological Information System (HIS) for effective water resource planning and management in India, Central Water Commission, Government of India, is inviting an expression of interest (EOI) from eligible manufacturers and suppliers of hydrometeorological and water quality equipment for empanelment to be procured by different agencies involved in implementation of the NHP.

Only equipment which gets empaneled will be used in the project. System integrators who will bid for installations must use those equipment only. The list of equipment to be procured are as stated in the Empanelment of Equipment’s Invitation for Proposals under Section II. Qualification Requirements (p31).

It is a two-step process:

  1. Empanelment of the makes and models of respective equipment as per the specifications. For detailed specifications of each equipment, refer to the list under Section II of the invitation (above).
  2. Price bids/quotations will be invited from bidders/system integrators for supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the Hydrometeorological equipment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The proposer should be in the continuous business of manufacturing/marketing/installing the hydrometeorological/geophysical/water quality equipment for at least five years.
  2. The proposer has manufactured and marketed the specific goods during the last three years. The minimum quantity of goods manufactured and marketed during any one of the past three years is as under Section II of the invitation (above).

List of documents to be submitted for empanelment:

  • Copies of audited financial statements for the past three financial years.
  • List of major supply contracts conducted within the past five years.
  • Copies of satisfactory completion certificate of performances/past order copies made during the past three years.
  • Copies of testing reports and certificates of the equipment from various authorities.

Deadline: 11 November 2016

Note: Those who miss out in this process may get another chance after 6-8 months for empanelment.


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