IWRM Studies for the Krishna, Godavari and Mahanadi Rivers

Calling for Expressions of Interest

The Central Water Commission, India, is calling for Expressions of Interest for consulting services for Integrated Water Resources Management Studies in respect of three Indian river basins, as a part of the NHP Project.

Services in assessment and planning are required for three basins: Godavari Basin, Krishna Basin and Mahanadi Basin. The work is divided into two packages:

  • Package I – Godavari and Krishna Basin
  • Package II – Mahanadi Basin.

Interested bidders may apply for one or both of the packages, however, the evaluation shall be carried out for the entire package.

The broad objectives of the study are as below:

  • To identify and understand key water management issues, related management objectives and capacity building needs through stakeholder consultation process.
  • To create Water Resources Information and Knowledge System for the basin and its integration with India-WRIS Website, proposed National Water Information Centre (NWIC) etc.
    • Identification of data needs and review of data availability for all sectors.
    • Data collection, compilation, analysis, processing and validation.
    • Development of Remote Sensing and GIS based data layers, data bases and DEM.
    • Assistance in setting up of modelling centres at appropriate locations in the basin.
  • Review and suggest appropriate changes in institutional, policy, regulatory, and legal setup in the basin
  • Development, optimization and customization of modelling tools, Decision Support System and Web-based Dashboard for display of results for the basin
  • IWRM Plan for the basin
    • Setting-up and integration of hydrologic (rainfall-runoff), demand, water quality, surface-GW interaction, and river basin models for the basin.
    • Undertaking different scenario analyses for various combinations of demand projection, WR infrastructure development, various management strategies, inter / intra basin water transfers, possible climate change scenarios etc. for various timeframes (2025, 2050 etc.)
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Maintenance and Updating of model

Timelines: The duration of the assignment is 4 years, 3 years for development and one year for maintenance and upgradation.
Budget: Estimated budget is US$ 6.5 million

The short-listing criteria for consulting firms/ JVs/ Consortium

  • The Firm / Research Institute must have been in business for at least the last ten years (Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Memorandum of Articles).
  • Organization set-up, structure and availability of key professionals (Team leader, Hydrologist, Hydraulic modeller, GIS expert, Database management specialist etc.) of required qualification with the firm i.e. Technical team and expertise available with the organization (attach short CVs for reference only).
  • The firm / Research Institute must have carried out the work of IWRM studies for the basin(s) /sub-basin(s) for an area of at least 50,000 Sq. Km encompassing the key components of IWRM studies namely data compilation and its validation, basin modelling, ground water modelling, development of decision support system and demand-supply allocation in one or two contracts
  • In case of Joint Venture the lead firm should have carried out at least 3 out of the 5 key areas namely data compilation and its validation, basin modelling, ground water modelling, development of decision support system and demand-supply allocation in one or two contracts. The other partner of JV should have experience in hydrology/ hydraulic modelling in a river basin.
  • The Firm / Research Institute must have experience of working with governments/ state owned enterprises.
  • The firm(s) / research institutes, including the JV partners and sub-consultants, should have at least 40% of the key professionals, including Team Leader as permanent employees.
  • The Firm should have sound financial performance and resources i.e. the firm should have average Annual turnover (last five financial years) of more than USD 3 million for each package. In case of JV, the lead member shall have more than USD 2.5 million of average annual turnover and other members shall be USD 1.00 million for each package. In case, a bidder applies for more than one package, the average annual turnover should be multiplied by number of packages.
  • In case of Research Institute meeting the eligibility requirements intending to apply solely or as JV for these studies, the average annual turnover clause at above would not be applicable. However, in case of JV with any private entities, the annual average turnover clause above will be applicable to JV only either as lead partner or otherwise.

For more information, please refer to EOI for Consulting Services for IWRM Studies in respect of three Indian River Basins (Krishna, Godavari, And Mahanadi) under National Hydrology Project

Submissions close:  3:00 p.m. (IST) on Friday, 27 January 2017

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