Basin Water Pollution Survey


Economic development in the Ayeyarwady Basin, especially in the mining, agriculture, industry and urban sectors, has resulted in increased surface water pollution. This development is rapidly altering the landscape and the exact impacts on water quality in downstream environments are largely unknown.


This activity aimed to deliver a baseline analysis of pollution characteristics and issues in the Basin as an input into the Ayeyarwady State of the Basin Assessment (SOBA) process. The survey assessed the microbiological, chemical, nutrient and heavy metal pollutants present in the Basin to identify and understand what types of water pollution issues are occurring.

Information from the survey is to be integrated into a database on pollution sources and loaded to the broader Water Information System for Data Management (WISDM). The database is to be designed for integration with the eWater Source transport model and turned into a practical tool for use by the Government of Myanmar.


Australian Partners, Hydronumerics and CSIRO, were supported to undertake this work, delivering a number of technical outputs, capacity building of DWIR and HIC staff and training seminars for Young Water Professionals. View documentation for more information.

Program Lead

Chris O’Neill, Director