Training in Haryana Irrigation Region

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haryanaIn February 2016 three Australians from International Agriculture for Development went to Northern India with the support of the AWP and The Crawford Fund. Here and in neighboring countries, which host some 30% of the World’s population, declining ground water reserves (at a rate of up to 10 cm per year) and rising salinity represent a major threat to both water and food security. The Australians shared their knowledge and expertise in relation to irrigation management through a one week, hands on training program for some thirty-one agricultural extension specialists from northern and eastern India and Nepal.

Learning about different approaches and monitoring tools, participants gained an understanding in the value of planning water use as well as the practical application of the knowledge they had gained. Feedback from the participants indicates an ongoing need to provide practical and applied training as this approach supports water management at the farm gate more successfully than abstract policy. It was also identified during the training there is an opportunity for measuring and recording technologies to be applied in the Haryana Basin. These types of opportunities can be leveraged by the Partners or the AWP and are key to the ongoing work of the AWP.