Projects: Myanmar

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Groundwater Workshop Yangon

DMH-BoM Twinning Introduction

C-14 Groundwater Analysis

Radiocarbon dating of major regional groundwater systems as part of the Groundwater Review for the Central Dry Zone, Myanmar.

Groundwater Review of the Central Dry Zone

A major 30-year study providing detailed analysis and mapping of groundwater resources for Myanmar’s Central Dry Zone.

Basin Exploratory Scoping Study

A rapid exploration of development and conservation pathways to inform an Ayeyarwady Basin Master Planning process.

Basin Ecosystem Services Evaluation

Valuing ecosystem services in the Ayeyarwady Basin to quantify and understand its natural capital, and improve economic productivity.

Ayeyarwady Basin Planning Coordinator

The Ayeyarwady State of the Basin Assessment (SOBA) Coordinator works directly with the Government of Myanmar to support the development of a SOBA Report.

State of the Basin Assessment Review and Synthesis

Laying the foundation for developing an Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management Plan to guide policy and planning decision-making.

Ayeyarwady–Murray-Darling Basin Twinning

A twinning relationship between government departments from Myanmar and Australia to improve river basin planning with an emphasis on peer-to-peer mentoring of staff.

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