Preparation of Asia-Pacific Irrigation Strategy for the ADB

apac-irrigationAustralia’s involvement in the 2nd Asian Irrigation Forum in Manila sparked ADB interest in our experience in irrigation reform, particularly how they can draw on it to help them promote policies and institutional arrangements that reform and improve governance of irrigation in Asia. ADB lending in irrigation declined sharply from 2000 onwards and it is looking to reverse this and increase its support to irrigation for improved food security in Asia.
Clive Lyle & Associates were engaged to deliver an ‘Asia-Pacific Irrigation Strategy’, working with the ADB’s development partners, to help guide the ADBs lending program.

Over 75% of Asia is already water insecure, with supplies possibly impacted by climate change and water demand projected to increase. By 2050, agriculture will need to produce 100% more food in developing countries using diminishing water resources. Water insecurity, rising demand and the link to food supplies pose a real threat to continued growth and prosperity. With irrigation subsector already representing 80% of freshwater demand in Asia, improved irrigation productivity (more crop per drop) becomes critical for both regional food security and other water dependent industries. There is a large backlog for modernization of infrastructure and the adaptation of existing infrastructure for future changes in climate, water availability and water services demand. The ADB have therefore requested a strategy that defines what ADB should focus on based on its comparative advantage and how it can collaborate with and leverage the expertise from development partners.