Indonesia, China & Regional Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Water Stewardship Project


This activity, beginning in early 2019 and running through to 2022, is the second phase of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Water Stewardship Program. It builds upon the outcomes of the first phase which worked with over 100 sites in eight Indo-Pacific countries.  Through the first phase, companies including major global multi-nationals have formally committed to achieving the AWS Water Stewardship Standard, and are engaging in sustainable water practices to progress towards certification.


Phase II focuses on another priority country, China, where AWS has already established a strong presence, and Indonesia, where AWS have commenced building its program and relationships. Regional activities will also be undertaken throughout the three-year program.  The overall goal of the program is to enable partnering countries to understand the principles of good water stewardship, and to use the Standard to improve water management.

South East Asia
Indonesia, China & Regional Indo-Pacific
Implementation (Dec 2018 – Dec 2022)
International Partners
Australian Partners
Subsector / Themes
  • Environmental Water
  • IWRM
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