Water Efficiency Improvement in Drought Affected Provinces


About two thirds of Vietnam’s water resources originate from catchments in upstream riparian countries, particularly the Mekong and Red Rivers. Water resource management decisions made in upstream countries exacerbate the highly variable seasonal and geographical distribution of water. The uneven rainfall distribution, a lack of infrastructure and the impacts of industry and agriculture have resulted in an unsafe water supply, particularly in rural areas. These water challenges are compounded by occurrences of extreme weather events.

Australia’s experience in managing extreme seasonal and geographic water distribution within the context of a changing climate has proven to be a valuable for asset for Vietnam. The Australian Water Partnership’s (AWP) activities in Vietnam so far have focused on building the knowledge and expertise of key water practitioners to ensure safe, reliable and sustainable water services.

The Water Efficiency Improvement in Drought Affected Provinces Project (WEIDAP) aims to modernise irrigation systems in five drought-prone provinces in the South Central Coastal and Central Highland regions of Vietnam. The project seeks to enhance climate resilience and water productivity in agriculture through improved and modernised agriculture and irrigation practices.


In 2017-18, AWP’s support to the planned US$100 million Government of Vietnam project funded by ADB included: strategic input and decisive support to the design and planning of WEIDAP; a pilot study on water charging and the development of guidelines on water charging; and a study tour to the Murray-Darling Basin aimed at providing Vietnamese participants with practical examples of modern piped supply systems for high value crops. Further AWP funding is planned to support WEIDAP’s implementation phase from 2019 until 2023.

This activity provides strategic support to Vietnam in implementing eight sub-projects (SPs) of irrigation modernisation (mainly a series of discrete pipe supply systems – each system covering 300-3,000ha) within five provinces of Central Southern Vietnam. The activity is supporting a US$120M loan from the Asian Development Bank to the Vietnam Government.


Vietnam Water Law Pilot Study
Vietnam Water Law Scoping Mission
Vietnam Water Charging Law Workshop
WEIDAP Conceptualisation Workshop
WEIDAP Ground Water Investigation
WEIDAP Water resource planning capacity building – scoping study
Water Charging Manuals
Water resource & Hydraulic Works Planning

South-East Asia
Origin of Demand
Government of Vietnam
Implementation (2017–2023)
Subsector / Themes
  • Drought Management
  • Irrigation and Agriculture
  • Water Security
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